I Wonder

I used to wonder…

How do lovers end up becoming haters?

How do people who were at the center of your life end up becoming strangers?

How do close knit friends end up becoming mere acquaintances?

I wonder, what happens to all those feelings, shared experiences and memories?

I’ve experienced all of the above, and still have no answers.

But I guess it’s the same way that a stranger can become your closest confidante.

A casual friendship can become your strongest and most enduring relationship .

A chance encounter can mean you meet your soul mate.

An instant connection can be felt with a person you just met.

I wonder at the magic of human interactions.

Friendships are Weird

Today I caught up with some old friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while. Truth be told, I thought our friendship had been left in the past -not because of any drama that happened, or any feelings of dislike, but because… life.

As we grow older, our paths seem to become more divergent. We get caught up in our own things; the coffee dates, shopping sprees, girly catch ups fade into the background. Careers, partners,babies, new friends in a similar phase of life come into the foreground.

Before we know it, we haven’t spoken in days, weeks, months, years.

There are some friendships where this is the end.

There are others, where the friendship is lying dormant, to be re-kindled once the paths converge again.

There are still more where the friendship still exists, but the relationship isn’t as deep as it once was. Where it’s held together mostly by shared history and memories of good times.

Friendships are weird, varied, ever changing, and complex.

But I treasure all of them. 🙂

Socially awkward situation #1 – How to delay replying to a Facebook message

SOOOOO… First post with an actual reference to my blog name! About time right?

As the title implies, this post will deal with “how to delay replying to a Facebook message”.

For you social butterflies out there, you’re probably wondering why I would want to avoid someone’s Facebook message, or have jumped to the conclusion that I dislike that person. That is not the case. Here is the thought process that I go through when I receive a message that is not from a) my family members, or b) my best friend:

-Oh yay! I have a message!

-Oh no! What should I reply?

-OOOOH how do I keep the conversation going?

-AAAGH! I need time to think what to reply!

If you have an iPhone, then luckily you can see a notification from Facebook informing you that you have a message, plus you get a sneaky preview of said messages contents (hehe). This enables you to think of a reply in your own sweet time before OPENING the message an replying.

Here are some helpful tips to help you delay as long as possible:

1) DO NOT open the message until you are ready to reply – because, hello, there is a SEEN function and the other party will know exactly when you have received their message,

2) DO NOT ‘like’, ‘post’ or ‘share’ anything until you have replied to the unopened message. Follows the same principle as above, because if you do any of these things, the other party will know you’ve been active on Facebook but HAVE YET TO REPLY to their message.

3) … actually those are my only tips. But DO remember to reply eventually, because otherwise it’s just rude.


Happy social networking!