Lockdown #4

Lockdowns are frustrating.

You can’t meet with friends and family, you can’t get takeouts, supermarket queues are insane, and good luck with finding flour.

But with the bad, comes the good.

Lockdown can be a time of reflection – it’s forced me to slow down, and build new habits (sometimes out of sheer boredom).

It allows you to reconnect with friends and family, even via online chats and video calls.

It makes us appreciate the little things we used to take for granted.

That being said, stay safe everyone.

And again

Back into lockdown, just under a week after having ‘normalcy’ (the new normal post-covid).

This is now the fifth time that we have done this, and I am not going to lie; mentally, it feels harder each time.

I don’t know why – actually I do. it’s having to keep adjusting mindframes, the uncertainty, the fear, and the loneliness that lockdowns bring.

I hope this is one of the last (Covid, please bugger off!!!)

Look after each other, and be kind to one another folks.

Stay safe ❤️❤️