The Interview

After beginning my job search more than two months ago, I am finally starting to hear back from some companies.


But you know what’s not so yay?

Job interviews.

It’s been years since I’ve had to do one, and I forgot how awful they can be; the knowledge that I am about to be judged, and the butterflies in my stomach as I await that judgement.

The first interview I did was over zoom. It started off okay – we had some good banter going. And then came the questions…

I babbled, I rambled, I ummed. I could literally see the interest fade from their eyes as their faces dropped. The remainder of the interview was just out of courtesy.

It was one of the worst interviews I’ve experienced- but there’s something liberating in the fact that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

It happened, I survived, and I will take it as practice for the next one. 🙂

Also, just as a bonus random brain dump: this week I was looking for a sign that everything would work out – and God literally sent me a sign! A Bible arrived at my front door the day I needed it. It was meant to arrive a few weeks back but there had been some shipping issues. Talk about timing.

Job Hunting

I feel like I have made a lot of changes this year… new phone, new car, new wardrobe, new flat, new hobbies. Next up: new job.

Or at least, I’m trying to find a new job. Turns out, it’s a lot easier said than done, because after 13+ applications over a month of searching, I have only heard back from one company – and said company then ghosted me after a 30 minute phone screening.

It’s been a while since I’ve had so much trouble landing even an interview, and it makes me wonder what I am doing wrong. Am I asking for too much money, do I not enough valid experience, or is my CV and cover letter just not good enough?

The last time I faced this much rejection was just before I entered my current company, fresh out of university. I remember the same feelings of frustration and hopelessness as application after application was turned down. Eventually, those feelings morphed into desperation, leading me to apply for a customer service position at Company X (I had worked in far too many customer service roles throughout university, and was steadfastly against entering another).

Life has a way of working out though, because that customer service position at Company X was the best role I could have hoped for out of university; it was a foot in the door at a major company, was so much more than ‘just’ customer services, and put me under the wings of a mentor who helped elevate my career.

So, yes, I am feeling frustrated again as each application appears to be a dead-end.

But I’m also hopeful that something better is waiting around the corner, because when one door is closed, another opens.

As I’ve said before in a previous post, I just gotta have faith (and a little patience)!