A Snippet of Socially Awkardness

Last week in class, my teacher arranged a pair activity (where you work with another person to complete a task). Some people hear ‘class activity’ and think WHYYYYYYY?, I hear ‘class activity’ and I think Woohoo!New buddy, here I come! *

Due to arriving late in class, I had quickly scuttled to the back of the classroom to the last available seat in the corner. This so happened to be set away from everyone else, so whilst my fellow classmates turned to the person next to them and quickly formed pairs, I was left solo. 

Luckily my teacher saw my predicament and matched me up with someone else – a male and TALL someone else \(^.^)/.

We happened to talk quite easily, and got to know each other a little (the normal stuff:name, major, etc).

Anyways, skip to this week. At the end of class (I arrived late again, so didn’t sit next to him), I make eye contact with him…he sends a small smile… AND THEN…




*[On a side note: I know some people associate being socially awkward – yes, that’s not a real clinical term – with being anti-social. That’s not the case at all, we want to make friends and new people, we just aren’t smooth at it).