A Snippet of Socially Awkardness

Last week in class, my teacher arranged a pair activity (where you work with another person to complete a task). Some people hear ‘class activity’ and think WHYYYYYYY?, I hear ‘class activity’ and I think Woohoo!New buddy, here I come! *

Due to arriving late in class, I had quickly scuttled to the back of the classroom to the last available seat in the corner. This so happened to be set away from everyone else, so whilst my fellow classmates turned to the person next to them and quickly formed pairs, I was left solo. 

Luckily my teacher saw my predicament and matched me up with someone else – a male and TALL someone else \(^.^)/.

We happened to talk quite easily, and got to know each other a little (the normal stuff:name, major, etc).

Anyways, skip to this week. At the end of class (I arrived late again, so didn’t sit next to him), I make eye contact with him…he sends a small smile… AND THEN…




*[On a side note: I know some people associate being socially awkward – yes, that’s not a real clinical term – with being anti-social. That’s not the case at all, we want to make friends and new people, we just aren’t smooth at it).



Socially awkward situation #1 – How to delay replying to a Facebook message

SOOOOO… First post with an actual reference to my blog name! About time right?

As the title implies, this post will deal with “how to delay replying to a Facebook message”.

For you social butterflies out there, you’re probably wondering why I would want to avoid someone’s Facebook message, or have jumped to the conclusion that I dislike that person. That is not the case. Here is the thought process that I go through when I receive a message that is not from a) my family members, or b) my best friend:

-Oh yay! I have a message!

-Oh no! What should I reply?

-OOOOH how do I keep the conversation going?

-AAAGH! I need time to think what to reply!

If you have an iPhone, then luckily you can see a notification from Facebook informing you that you have a message, plus you get a sneaky preview of said messages contents (hehe). This enables you to think of a reply in your own sweet time before OPENING the message an replying.

Here are some helpful tips to help you delay as long as possible:

1) DO NOT open the message until you are ready to reply – because, hello, there is a SEEN function and the other party will know exactly when you have received their message,

2) DO NOT ‘like’, ‘post’ or ‘share’ anything until you have replied to the unopened message. Follows the same principle as above, because if you do any of these things, the other party will know you’ve been active on Facebook but HAVE YET TO REPLY to their message.

3) … actually those are my only tips. But DO remember to reply eventually, because otherwise it’s just rude.


Happy social networking!