The Hustle

I’m the type of person who comes up with big ideas, and am super motivated to achieve them… for a period of time.

And then I revert back to my pre-gung ho lifestyle.

Maybe it’s lockdown induced boredom, maybe it’s a quarter life crisis, but lately, I’ve been making a concerted effort to actively work towards my goals, even when I don’t feel like it. I make sure I stay on track by creating a ‘to-do list’, and dedicating an hour or two to each goal per day – it sounds like a lot, but I make it work by cutting down on my hours of Netflix and YouTube (yes, my screen time was astronomical, but in my defence, they are both vortexes which warp all sense of time).

All my fellow “to-do-listers” out there will know the satisfaction of ticking off the little box – it managed to get me out of bed at 7am this morning for a run, such is its motivational power.

Another example? A couple of weeks back, I published a post about attempting to write a book; the target word count was 50,o00, but I dried up at around 40,000.

Well… I didn’t give up. After chipping away at it for the past few days, I managed to reach a word count of 53,000. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m currently editing it and hopefully can submit it to a publisher by the end of this month; and look – I’m a realist. It likely won’t get accepted, but my main goal is to just finish one manuscript before moving onto the next – because my main issue isn’t starting something, it’s finishing it.

If you’re currently working towards a goal too, then: 加油 (jiāyóu)!

This is a Chinese phrase of encouragement that means don’t give up, good luck, I’m rooting for you, etc – it basically encompasses every supportive phrase there is.

Hopefully one day in the future, we can look back on this moment and be thankful that the hustling has paid off! 🙂

Author: sae234

Snippets of life, awkward moments and random thoughts. Guest posts welcome! Follow me on Instagram for more content @sociallyawkwardetiquette

3 thoughts on “The Hustle”

  1. Omg I can totally relate to video platforms being a time sink. I can just chill to YouTube for lunch, then realise I’ve watched it for hours. It’s great that you’re finding your stride. 加油 indeed!

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