And so ends another year… goodbye 2019.

As the year drew to a close, I felt underwhelmed to say the least.

Another year, where I felt nothing had REALLY changed – I did not feel like I had grown, or even achieved any of the goals I had so passionately set out to do at the beginning of 2019.

But then I did my nightly prayers, and I reflected not just on the past year but on the past decade. And I felt grateful.

I have a tendency to stress on things which lie ahead in the future, instead of focussing on the here and now. This tendency means that the majority of the time, I hone in on the small (and sometimes inconsequential details) which distracts me from seeing the bigger picture. But this reflection on the past decade allowed me to realise that even though nothing had seemed to change, in fact EVERYTHING had changed.

In the past decade, I have finished school, travelled to more destinations than I could have imagined, made new friends for life (and lost some too), moved out of home, gotten my first part time job, gotten my first full time job, moved cities, started dating, fallen in love, gotten promoted, had a career change, lived through a natural disaster, experienced the loss of a family member, witnessed my best friends wedding, lost who I am, and started to rediscover it…

And that’s just the things which immediately sprang to mind.

In the past decade, I have experienced so many things. I thank God and am so grateful to have the opportunity to live and learn and continue growing.

Here’s to 2020 and the next decade!! Que sera 🙂

Happy New Year!!

Author: sae234

Snippets of life, awkward moments and random thoughts. Guest posts welcome! Follow me on Instagram for more content @sociallyawkwardetiquette

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