Time Flies

Hi Everyone,

It’s sure been a while, huh. With all good intentions, I had made it one of my goals to blog more this year, but I guess we can see how that panned out! One thing that I’ve learnt so far this year… New Year’s resolutions are not for me (you live, you learn).

Hopefully this year has been good to you all, and if not then I hope 2019 provides some redemption in the next couple of remaining months.

I was scrolling through some old Facebook posts and suddenly realised that it’s already November – phew! This year has flown by. Actually, it seems that as I get older, it seems that every year goes by faster – and this commodity called “time” seems to seep through to the bottom of the hour glass at greater and greater speed, until all you want is for it to slow down.

This feeling is at odds with what you feel when you’re a kid, waiting to “grow up” so that you can go live your life. Now, with the wisdom of hindsight, I wish I could go back and relive some of those moments in the past- and appreciate them, because each moment is fleeting.

But with this thought, I realise this: Because each moment is fleeting, we must appreciate the now: happiness does not come by living in the past or future, but by being thankful for what you have presently.

Easy to say, harder to do. But worth trying!!


Sae xo

Author: sae234

Snippets of life, awkward moments and random thoughts. Guest posts welcome! Follow me on Instagram for more content @sociallyawkwardetiquette

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