Progress? Not so much :P

Hiiiii guuuuuys!!!

Not much of an update since my last post to be honest, by as the time for graduation comes closer and closer, so too does the idea that now is the time to start living. Whilst I actually still have a semester to go (I graduate halfway through next year), I have a few friends graduating. Seeing them about to start the next chapter of their lives and step into a career,I feel so excited and happy for them that its almost like I’m graduating myself.It’s a strange feeling, like you’re about to step into a whole new world, and everything seems possible and bright and shiny. I can’t wait to see where they’re going to go, and how far they will climb to success.

This is it (for them, and almost for me).


Author: sae234

Snippets of life, awkward moments and random thoughts. Guest posts welcome! Follow me on Instagram for more content @sociallyawkwardetiquette

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